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700 MHz NMR Spectrometer

MANUFACTURER Bruker(manufacturer's website)
MODEL Avance III HD + 1.7 mm cryoprobe
ACRONYM 1.7mm Cryo 700


AVAILABILITY Time arranged upon request
RESTRICTIONS Only those within normal instrument time demands. But please enquire, we will always make efforts to pilot studies and explore new projects.
TRAINING Although training is required to use this item, we cannot arrange it for you.
CONTACT 1 Professor Matthew Crump
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SITE Main Campus


NMR Spectrometer at 700 MHz, solution state chemical NMR, Biological/Protein NMR. Equipped with a 1.7 mm Triple resonance cryo-probe. The signal to noise for proton on a standard ethyl benzene (0.1%) sample is equivalent to > 30000:1 by mass sensitivity compared to 6000:1 for our closest 1H sensitive instrument the cryo-600.


This is the now (as of May 2015) the most 1H sensitive NMR spectrometer we can currently offer time on and can detect sub-microgram quantities of material for characterisation by 1H NMR. This machine is suitable for characterisation of both small molecules and proteins. We are always interested in external enquiries, so please contact matt.crump@bristol.ac.uk


Gilson 215 liquid handler and SampleJet for high-throughout sample preparation and acquisition.

Potential Future Upgrades

Item ID #1962.

Last Updated: 1st July, 2015

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