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Thermo Electron Finnigan Delta XP

MANUFACTURER Thermo Electron
MODEL Finnigan Delta XP


RESTRICTIONS The instrument is subject to use by successful applicants to the NERC Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry Facility and is also used heavily by members of the Organic Geochemistry Unit and Cabot Institute. Access would be within the constraints of ongoing
CONTACT 1 ian.d.bull@bristol.ac.uk
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SITE Main Campus


The Delta XP is capable of performing all of the analyses of earliar models but with improved electronics and enhanced computer control and automation. This particular instrument is interfaced, via a GCIII interface, to a ThermoElectron Trace GC equipped with a CTC GC Pal autosampler and is dedicated to compound specific δ15N analyses.


Analytes must be amenable to analysis by conventional gas chromatography. The standard setup is limited to 1-2 uL liquid injections containing analytes typically in the 50-200 ng uL-1 range.


This instrument is dedicated to routine compound specific δ15N analysis of organic compounds and requires no further upgrades other than the replacement of core components as required.

Potential Future Upgrades

None identified or required.

Item ID #1764.

Last Updated: 18th March, 2014

Thermo Electron Finnigan Delta XP

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