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Thermo Finnigan MAT 95XP Trap

MODEL Finnigan MAT 95XP Trap


RESTRICTIONS The instrument is subject to use by successful applicants to the NERC Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry Facility and is also used heavily by members of the Organic Geochemistry Unit and Cabot Institute. Access would be within the constraints of ongoing
CONTACT 1 ian.d.bull@bristol.ac.uk
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The ThermoElectron MAT95 XP-Trap is a double focussing dual sector (reverse Niers Johnson geometry)-ion trap hybrid mass spectrometer and is the most versatile of all the instruments the lab maintains. It is equipped with both GC (EI and CI +/-) and HPLC interfaces (electrospray and APCI) and is capable of both low and high resolution measurements and MIKES. The addition of an ion trap also enables MSn expermients to be performed.


Operational limitations are generally the result of choice of inlet. It should be noted that in terms of accurate mass analyses, when linked to a GC or LC, the instrument is designed primarily for accurate mass target compound analysis rather than de


A full range of enhancements were included when the instrument was purchased giving it a large number of possible configurations.

Potential Future Upgrades

Unlikely to require any further upgrades other than the replacement of core components as required.

Item ID #1769.

Last Updated: 18th March, 2014

Thermo Finnigan MAT 95XP Trap

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