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Various IAC/Oxford; DC magnetron sputter chamber

MODEL IAC/Oxford; DC magnetron sputter chamber

Interface Analysis Centre

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Preparation of thin film samples. Chamber has four sputter guns for simultaneous deposition or sequential growth (heterostructures). Deuterium and oxygen reactive gas species are used for oxide and deuteride film synthesis. The system is equipped with several in-situ characterisation tools, including a quartz crystal balance, IGA and RHEED analysis.


Sample sizes of several mm square up to 25*25mm can be grown, in temperatures ranging from r.t. to 850C. Samples can also be prepared in oxygen or deuterium reactive gases.


The equipment has been made, updated and maintained in-house (Oxford).

Potential Future Upgrades

There are planned upgrades to the heating stage, an in-vacuum sample transfer and an AFM attachment. We are also to receive an XPS (circa £200k), which will allow transfer between chambers while maintaining HV.

Item ID #1887.

Last Updated: 18th March, 2014

Various IAC/Oxford; DC magnetron sputter chamber

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